Steffen Heuser

Supply Chain in
Aerospace & Hightech

Supply Chain
in Aerospace &

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Mission? Possible!

Impulses and momentum for implementation is what my clients expect. As a practice consultant I am there for you when difficult challenges in your supply chain arise and you need an external point of view and, in particular, require someone on site to move things forward. Whether streamlining, reorganizing or restructuring: No mission is impossible!

I’ve had the pleasure of working for the who’s who in our sector, from Liebherr-Aerospace to RUAG Defence and was most recently on the board of Hanse Aerospace e.V.

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Fast Restructuring of
your Supply Chain

An aerospace manufacturer was in a crisis: non-compliance of delivery dates in 84% of the cases, enormous costs, lead times of over a year, quality issues and manage­ment challenges. My task: take over and reorganize the entire manufacturing process.

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Out of the Blue:
a new plant in Brazil

A plant with 100 employees was supposed to be built in Brazil. Literally out of nowhere. I first established a business and production plan which took into account the following particularities: highest quality standards for the manufactured compo­nents, quick practicability, ROI in under 5 years, useful component range with simi­lar production processes in the beginning.

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Massive Loss of Know-How
at Worst Possible Time

The company dismissed the Managing Director of Technology and with him his en­tire “loyal following”. At the same time the supply chain was in the worst possible state: delivery performance wat at 38%, nearly no parts availability from suppliers, technical documentation had disappeared, the prices for the purchased parts were significantly too high and, due to the sudden dismissals, one product group was even missing assembly know-how.

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Make the impossible

Steffen Heuser, born in 1963, Industrial Engineer and Interim Executive. My expertise lies in international supply chain management, leading operations and production plants as well as in restructuring these areas. Finding my way around new and uncertain conditions and circumstances has been an important part of my life from the very beginning.

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