Steffen Heuser
Project 1 of 3

Fast Restructuring of
your Supply Chain

An aerospace manufacturer was in a crisis: non-compliance of delivery dates in 84% of the cases, enormous costs, lead times of over a year, quality issues and management challenges. My task: take over and reorganize the entire manufacturing process.

To this end we developed a completely new manufacturing structure with product-related segments (landing gear etc.), own support areas such as surfacing treatments and investment planning as well as create additional work preparation for each unit. I conceptualized the system and was responsible on site for its implementation.

Two areas required special power of persuasion among the employees: a KPI system implemented on all levels made deviations immediately visible; and a new three-shift operation model reduced the hourly rates for machines as well as the lead times and complied with modern health and safety regulations.

The result: 20% lower lead times, 28% less costs, a 90% increase in delivery reliability, high employee satisfaction despite the initial strong opposition and most importantly enthusiastic customers.

Out of the Blue:
a new plant in Brazil

A plant with 100 employees was supposed to be built in Brazil. Literally out of nowhere. I first established a business and production plan which took into account the following particularities: highest quality standards for the manufactured components, quick practicability, ROI in under 5 years, useful component range with similar production processes in the beginning.

The project began on site independent of my person. At that time no one could foresee, that I would be called back just a half year later. But that is exactly what happened: due to difficulties with project management the construction of the plant was on the brink of failure.

My task: complete the project quickly, with the highest quality standards.Nine months later the plant was operating according to plan.

Massive Loss of Know-How
at Worst Possible Time

The company dismissed the Managing Director of Technology and with him his entire “loyal following”. At the same time the supply chain was in the worst possible state: delivery performance wat at 38%, nearly no parts availability from suppliers, technical documentation had disappeared, the prices for the purchased parts were significantly too high and, due to the sudden dismissals, one product group was even missing assembly know-how. And as if that weren’t enough…

In parallel a new ERP system had been implemented and the recertification according to ISO 9001 was imminent. The company was looking for a consultant with considerable practical experience, who could keep an overview and at the same time drive the process on site forwards.

The most important aspect of my work: quickly create trust and a feeling of security within the organization and build up the necessary know-how. For after the dismissal of key employees, motivation was lacking as were the competencies to remain stable for more than just a few weeks.

Within 16 weeks we completely reorganized the entire supply chain including the suppliers, ensured the implementation of the ERP system and lastly obtained the recertification according to the ISO 9001.